Signature Vegan Vest

These UNISEX Vegan Vests have been designed entirely custom by Jeffree himself, down to each pink stitch. As with all of our products, this leather is entirely vegan. 

SIZING NOTE: Because these are unisex we HIGHLY suggest getting a SIZE UP from what you normally would wear, they do run small for conventional sizing. 

  • Vegan Leather
  • Classic Pink stitching
  • Adjustable buckle at both sides of the waist
  • JSC Star logo print on the right lapel, exclusive Lip Ammunition print on the left lapel
  • Silver hardware (zippers & buckles)
  • Classic Pink inner-liner

These pink vests featuring the Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo on the lapel are only available for a limited season, so if you're a fan of fashion or a diehard fan of makeup, do NOT wait to pick yours up!

SIZE: More size options are coming and will be added shortly.

$ 65.00
$ 65.00