Scorpio Palette

Scorpio Palette

$ 62

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$ 62

Happy Birthday Jeffree!! Introducing the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Scorpio Palette, where celestial energy meets unparalleled beauty. Dive into the depths of Jeffree’s zodiac sign with this 24-shade Scorpio Palette designed to fully capture Scorpio's energy!

This artistry palette includes an assortment of shades curated specifically to embody Jeffree’s birthday season. From deep, sultry plums to soft, rich tans & browns, you can create, captivating eye looks that mirror the Scorpio spirit! Includes 14 pigmented matte shades & 10 shimmering metallics.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

How to Use:

  • Formula is highly-pigmented, use a light hand when picking up product or tap excess pigment off makeup brush before applying, a little goes a long way!
  • Use darker shades in the crease, and lighter shades along the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.
  • Apply desired shade on eye lid along the lash line or lower lash line to create an eye liner look.
  • For a pop of color, apply shimmer or metallic shades to the center of eyelid


  • Scorpio Energy (PP): Matte = Dusty Pink Rose 
  • Star Aura: Metallic = Peachy Gold Shimmer
  • Diva Lynn (PP): Matte = Desert Sand Tan
  • Privacy (PP): Metallic = Copper Metallic
  • Psychoanalyze: Metallic = Bronze Metallic
  • Steininger: Matte = Brown with Red Undertones


  • Originality: Matte = Tiffany-like blue
  • Nov 15th (PP): Matte = Deep Wine
  • Spirit Realm (PP): Metallic = Lavender & Gold Metallic
  • Powerful Presence (PP): Metallic = Magenta Shift Pearls
  • Single-Minded (PP): Metallic =  Lilac Metallic
  • Fearless (PP): Metallic = Vibrant Violet Metallic


  • Intimacy King (PP): Matte = Purple Plum
  • Loyalty (PP): Metallic = Antique Gold Shift Pearls
  • Harsh (PP): Matte = Brick Red Brown
  • Sex Slayer (PP): Matte = Bright Orange Red
  • Star Camel (PP): Matte = Camel Tan
  • Moon In Sagittarius: Matte = Muted Periwinkle Blue


  • Garden Grove (PP): Matte = Muted Army Green
  • Secretive (PP): Matte = Light Terracotta Brown
  • Ego Death: Matte = Deep Teal
  • Abstract Love: Metallic = Vibrant Navy Blue Shimmer
  • Pluto’s Touch (PP): Metallic = Silver Shift Metallic Pearls
  • Deep Wisdom (PP): Matte = Deep Muted Navy

Pressed pigments* - Scorpio Energy, Diva Lynn, Privacy, Nov 15th, Spirit Realm, Powerful Presence, Single-Minded, Fearless, Intimacy King, Loyalty, Harsh, Sex Slayer, Star Camel, Garden Grove, Secretive, Pluto’s Touch, Deep Wisdom
*certain pigments may cause irritation or staining if used around the eyes. 

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