The Gloss

THE GLOSS our first ever lip gloss formula!

Choose from two finishes, Glitter Fantasy or Extreme Shine! Available in over 30 unique shades with luxurious statement packaging. 

Glitter Fantasy shades: Sky High, Ice Cold, Crystal Kiss, Diamond Juice, Candy Drip, Wet Peach, Shock Wave, Spank Me, Safe Word, Sequin Glass, Crystal Climax, Her Glossiness, Iridescent Throne, Lord Star, Sickening, Sorcery, Wizards Glass & Succulent.

Extreme Shine shades: Legends Only, Control Freak, I'm The Boss, Diet Freeze, Dirty Royalty & Midnight Lick.

From The Blood Lust Collection: Iridescent Throne, Lord Star, Sickening, Sorcery, Wizard's Glass

From The Cremated Collection: Six Feet Under, Coroner's Kiss, Funeral Parlour, Heaven's Gate

From The Orgy Collection: Silk Rope, Body Count, Beaded Glass, Pretzel Drip, Table Top, Mouthful

The glosses above have a light vanilla crème brûlée scent.

From The Shane x Jeffree Collection: Slime Glossin' and Shane Glossin'


Vegan and cruelty-free. Iconic on its own or over any lipstick with a non-sticky finish.

4.5 ml/0.15 fl oz.

$ 18.00
Shane Glossin'
Slime Glossin'
Sky High
Ice Cold
Crystal Kiss
Diamond Juice
Legends Only
Control Freak
Candy Drip
Wet Peach
I’m The Boss
Spank Me
Diet Freeze
Dirty Royalty
Sequin Glass
Safe Word
Crystal Climax
Her Glossiness
Midnight Lick
Iridescent Throne
Lord Star
Wizards Glass
Coroner's Kiss
Funeral Parlour
Heaven's Gate
Six Feet Under
Silk Rope
Body Count
Beaded Glass
Pretzel Drip
Table Top
$ 18.00