Tie-Dye ‘Mint Condition' Tee

This UNISEX 'Mint Condition' custom dye tee is printed on a custom 100% cotton tee, and is tie-dyed so no two tees are identical. The official Jeffree Star Cosmetics star emblem is emblazoned on the chest for the finishing touch. They are also tag-less for your ultimate comfort!

Please note that during the dyeing process the tees do tend to shrink a bit, but fear not! We have sized all these products to factor that in, so when ordering please PURCHASE THE SIZE YOU WOULD NORMALLY WEAR IN A T-SHIRT.

For any further sizing questions please reach out to our Customer Care team before purchasing. 

These are LIMITED EDITION, and when this run sells out, they will most likely never return, so get yours today!

$ 25.00
$ 25.00